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ACI Infomobility is an Italian company that is part of the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI). Its mission is to provide services related to mobility, providing all sort of real-time information to the public.
In practice, this means that ACI Infomobility organizes, coordinates, assists, collects and processes information about traffic and public and private mass transit, publishing it in real time via the web, telephone, radio, television and device apps. In 2019, its Luceverde app was given an award for best practice – the European Public Sector Award (EPSA), recognized as an initiative capable of offering innovative responses to the diverse needs of citizens. The application provides information, updated in real time, on mobility in the Italian territory, covering the motorway network and 15 major cities in Italy.

ACI Infomobility services have great potential to positively influence people’s lives. To expand this capacity, extending the benefits to other regions of Italy, the company surrounds itself with suitable partners, aligned with its purposes – and Interactive Media is one of them. ACI Infomobility’s first got in contact with Interactive Media at an event in the mobility telematics sector. At the time, the company was already aware that the complexity of traditional IVR structures was a barrier to the efficiency of processes, compromising the performance on their Contact Center.

To address this challenge, they decided to test a new service channel, more technological and adherent to the routine of ACI Infomobility. That is when Interactive Media OMNIA solution came into the scene, adding more agility and usability to their citizen service operations through its Virtual Conversational Agent.

The virtual agents take charge of the incoming calls and manage the interaction with the user through a voice conversation. “The dialog is clear and based on a menu of available services, including newsreel or local traffic situation. We provide the latest updated newscast and local traffic situation for the caller, who chooses a point of interest and obtains the information from the virtual agent within a radius of 2 km”, states Francesco Mazzone, Director General at ACI Infomobility. “The implementation of Interactive Media’s technology was a powerful mean to increase operational productivity and user satisfaction”, adds the Director.

According to Roberto Valente, Interactive Media CEO, this is possible because of the high attitude of OMNIA Virtual Agent to consistently entertain a natural dialogue with callers, as they were talking to a human agent. “A Virtual Agent implementing pre-defined dialog structures fails in many cases to adapt to the natural human behaviour during a conversation, while OMNIA can take detours and follow different conversation branches while servicing the call”, points out Valente. “I believe that this is a consequence of our 25 years of expertise in the field”.


Shortly after the deployment of Interactive Media’s technology, two major advantages became apparent: the first was the immediate reduction of operational costs for ACI Infomobility, that was able to pare down the number of employees on Contact Center duty, and allocates them to more strategic positions. The second was the significant gain in the quality of the user experience. “OMNIA Conversational Virtual Agent ensures that individuals self-service, solving issues without having to face long waits on the line and, of course, eliminating the need to dial keys during the call. The public can now get the information they need even while driving, avoiding distraction”, suggests the Director General at ACI Infomobility. “Besides that, it reduces costs for the company, and we provide a better interaction experience”.

The Director also notes that the coronavirus pandemic has modified the way and the frequency with which users have accessed the information the company provides. In this scenario, Interactive Media’s technology has helped address the demand and, more than that, effectively respond to it. Mr.Mazzone points out that “In the last months, the Contact Center has been adapted to provide additional information related to the closure of ACI Points, logging around 50 thousand managed calls in the period from March to June”.

ACI Infomobility was the first subsidiary of Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) to include virtual agents in the service strategy. With widely positive results, the plan is to extend the potential offered by the OMNIA Voice-Enabled Conversational AI to a wider number of services within the ACI Group, adding administrative tasks related to vehicle registration and taxation, in addition to some services offered to the Automobile Club members.

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