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About Interactive Media

Interactive Media is at the leading edge of conversational omnichannel Virtual Agents, interacting with customers in free-form dialog for a delightful experience.

Founded more than 20 years ago to offer voice applications, Interactive Media launched its conversational offer in 2010: we have had the time to learn about what it really takes to deliver an effective conversational experience, as numerous happy customers can attest. Based in Italy and with offices in the United States and Brazil, Interactive Media powers hundreds of millions of conversations a year on several verticals and in 4 languages, on all channels and fully integrated with the enterprise contact center.


We have been working and developing solutions for human-machine language interactions for over 20 years. It’s part of our life. We are perpetual pioneers. We just can’t stop innovating and thinking about the future, to deliver the best in the present. We have been working in human-machine since our beginning: we are engineers, who craft solutions for any interaction to be effective and pleasant. So, for us, it’s not only about AI (or any other technique), it’s about working in the best way to make conversations between human and machine more seamless and intuitive.

Leadership Team

In 1996 three friends from the University of Rome decided to get together and provide services in the new field of computer telephony integration (CTI). It was a courageous step in a very innovative field, and Interactive Media continues to be at the forefront of voice and self-service innovation, with the founders still showing the way. The team is battle-tested and experienced, while retaining the enthusiasm of the early days.

Roberto Valente

Roberto co-founded Interactive Media in 1996. Thanks to his perseverance, he gave a fundamental contribution in building the company from scratch. Roberto is strongly committed to spreading technology and developing the company's business in Italy and internationally. He has led the company since its inception, steering the market approach from early IVR to network-based service nodes to the current focus in conversational AI. Roberto holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome and in his free time likes to scuba-dive in tropical waters.

Raffaele Poppa

Raffaele co-founded Interactive Media and since the beginning was a driving force in the design and development of the company’s software platform. He now covers the role of Chief Operations Officer, managing Conversational Virtual Agents infrastructure and projects, coordinating PS and integration with existing systems in Cloud and Contact Center environments. Raffaele holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome. He runs marathons and is an enthusiastic motorcycle rider.

Claudio Spallaccini

Claudio co-founded Interactive Media with Roberto Valente and Raffaele Poppa. He’s in charge of product development, advanced projects and technology innovation. Since 2010, he also covers the role of CEO of IM Service Lab, which spearheads Conversational, Biometric and Multimodal technology within Interactive Media. Claudio holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome, with a dissertation on neural networks. He loves to exercise in natural settings.

Livio Pugliese
President and CEO, North America

On the strength of many years of experience in the Telecommunications and Contact Center arenas, Livio heads the operations of Interactive Media in North America. Previously at Genesys, Livio has held roles in product management and marketing, technology development and R&D. Livio is based in Silicon Valley, in the thick of Conversational AI innovation, bringing the Valley perspective to everything Interactive Media does. He holds a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Turin, Italy. Livio likes to ride his motorcycle along the California coast and has recently taken up surfing.

Luana Forleini

Luana covers the role of CFO at Interactive Media, where, in addition to managing day-to-day operations, she led the process of setting up subsidiaries in Italy, Brazil and the US. Before joining Interactive Media, she had significant experience as a consultant in corporate functions organization and management control. Luana holds a degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Rome. In her free time, she loves to practice yoga.

Marco Pagano
Sales Director

Marco Pagano as Italy Sales Director in Interactive Media is responsible for the Sales Department in Italy with the task of communicating the value of Interactive Media products and services to all customers, partners and suppliers of technological solutions. He has 20 years of experience in selling innovative solutions for Customer Care. He loves transparency, loyalty and concreteness. In his free time he prefers to be with his family and in contact with nature.

Where We Are

Interactive Media began in Italy and has since expanded around the world to support its international customer base that span across languages and continents.

United States
San Francisco

One Market Street,  San Francisco CA 94105, USA

Phone: +1 415 706 9935


Viale Città di Europa 679,
00144 Roma – Italy


Corso 3 Novembre, 132,
38122 Trento – Italy

São Paulo

Av. Roque Petroni Jr. 1089
Sala 1010 – 04707-900
Sāo Paulo – SP Brasil

Phone: +55 11 2354-3553

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